Carex 300ml Moisture Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser - Bulk Pack of 6


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Buy bulk packs of Carex Moisture Hand Sanitiser Gel 300ml, available in packs of 6.

We understand how important good hand hygiene is. Hand Sanitiser Gel is ideal to help protect hands and reduce the spread of germs, have peace of mind with Carex Moisture Hand Sanitiser in bulk.

The hand sanitiser gel is perfect for at home, in the office, retail outlet, café or restaurant. The quick-drying formula kills 99.99% of bacteria and kills viruses (active against enveloped viruses) and comes with added moisturisers for extra care. Perfect to stock up on and to share with those around you.

Our bottles is 100% recyclable so please place it in your recycling bin after use.

Active ingredient Ethanol 70g per 100g


Our hand hygiene products have been expertly designed to clean, care and protect hands. Available to buy in bulk they are perfect for businesses and large households who are looking for quality products from a brand they can trust. Our products are all antibacterial and remove viruses, ideal for protecting hands and preventing the spread of germs. Available to buy in bulk, our hand hygiene products will be delivered straight to your door.