Hand Wash

Washing hands with Carex is one of the easiest ways to remove bacteria from hands to help protect yourself and others from illnesses. Carex antibacterial hand wash has been expertly formulated to clean, care and protect hands. The trusted antibacterial formulation effectively kills 99.9% of bacteria and helps to leave skin feeling soft and smooth to give all round protection for healthy hands.

Carex antibacterial hand wash is available to buy directly from our Carex Professional website in bulk packs. Our 250ml bottles are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms and can be reused and refilled once empty. Our 1L eco refill pouch is the equivalent of 4x standard 250ml Carex hand wash bottles and uses 85% less plastic*, ideal for refilling Carex bottles or hand soap dispensers. Our 5L hand wash packs are great for refilling too – the ideal solution for businesses and households.

*based on plastic weight per g compared with 4 x 250ml Carex bottles

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Carex Antibacterial Original Hand Wash 5L - Pack of 2


Carex Antibacterial Original Dermacare Hand Wash 250ml - Pack of 6


Carex Antibacterial Original Dermacare Hand Wash Liquid Soap Refill - Pack of 3